Mo - Do: 9:00 - 15:00
Fr: 9:00 - 13:00


Mo - Do: 9:00 - 15:00
Fr: 9:00 - 13:00

Science meets Economy
Berlin 2023

14th to 18th August 2023
in Berlin


The Science meets Economy 2023 in Berlin

Our Focus Topic

Mobility in the future.

Under the motto “What will the mobility of the future look like in a metropolis and how will we get around in the SmE 2040?” we will give students the opportunity to learn about and discuss the latest technologies and concepts in the field of mobility. The topics “Mobility as a Service ” , the future automotive industry, digitalization and local and long-distance passenger transport will be addressed. Here, for example, electric cars and alternative forms of propulsion, measures such as autonomous driving or the optimization of traffic management systems could be discussed.

Auf einen Blick

60 students from
Germany & Europe
(30 VWI & 30 ESTIEM members)
14th to 18th August 2023
Participation Fee
approx. 50€
Information exchange and Networking


The program will be announced shortly.

For Companies

Your added value in an overview.

Take advantage of our active network

Gain access to a highly qualified and motivated network of students and graduates from all over Europe. Participants are characterized by their interest in volunteer activities such as board positions in local groups and their interest in cultural, as well as important topics such as sustainability. In addition, the opportunity arises to reach out to other committed people from our network.

Present your company

Present your company in an appealing context and arouse participants’ interest in working with you. Get a sustainable image gain among participants through qualitative content. Benefit from innovative ideas of students at workshops and seminars.

Contact your high potentials personally

You have the opportunity to make personal contact with prospective graduates. Reach out to students one-on-one at workshops or after your company presentation. Also, take the opportunity to share your contact at the event, as well as promote yourself on our website and social media channels.

Become a part of our network!

Collaboration Partners

The collaboration partners will be announced shortly.


We support the project:

Jürgen Baumgärtner
Member of the Board
Verband Deutscher Wirtschaftsingenieure e.V.

Message of greeting Jürgen Baumgärtner

The design of a mobility of the future that is both sustainable and worth living in can only succeed if solution spaces are thought of in an interdisciplinary way – and the educational path of industrial engineering provides an excellent starting position for precisely this. Reason enough, therefore, to look forward to this event with confidence and intellectual curiosity. On behalf of the entire VWI, I personally wish you a lot of fun, stimulating conversations and many valuable impulses for the upcoming mobility turnaround!

The VWI Local Group in Berlin (AG WiIng)

In 1927, the Industrial Engineering program, then called “Economics and Technology” , was founded at the Technical University of Berlin. Industrial engineering forms the interface between technical and economic fields. This offers significant advantages, especially when it comes to solving complex challenges. The interest of the labor market in specialists with interdisciplinary knowledge increases from year to year. The AG WiIng is an association of motivated and committed industrial engineering students who, in addition to professional development, also want to establish contacts among companies and other universities.

The German Association for Engineering Management (VWI Verband Deutscher Wirtschaftsingenieure e.V.) was founded in 1932, just five years after the course was introduced in 1927 at the Charlottenburg Technical University in Berlin. It promotes the study of engineering management and the further development of the course through numerous activities and measures.

As a nationwide professional association, the VWI also advocates the interests of its members and all industrial engineers at the political level. Among other things, the VWI takes a stand on political projects that affect the education and professional life of its current and future members. The professional work of the VWI e.V. is supported by the competence networks, in which industrial engineers from similar disciplines and industries come together to exchange ideas.

European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management (ESTIEM) is a student network founded in 1990. As the only Europe-wide organization in the field of industrial engineering, ESTIEM provides a platform to promote communication and cooperation between students and technical institutes within Europe. ESTIEM is primarily represented by its members in the form of local student-organized university groups at various locations. Since its foundation ESTIEM has developed strongly. Starting with 14 members (in the form of university groups), the network nowadays comprises 80 university groups in 31 different countries and thus has a reach of 60,000 industrial engineering students.

Contact to the Project Team

You are interested in the Science meets Economy 2022 in Stuttgart & Esslingen?
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

To do so, write a message to kontakt-SmE@vwi.org.

Project Team of the SmE 2023 Berlin

At this point, we would like to introduce you to the project team behind the SmE 2023 in Berlin:

Project Lead

Michelle Uth
AG WiIng Berlin

Team Lead Cooperations & Finance

Jan Großheide
AG WiIng Berlin

Team Lead Framework Program

Janine Pfister
AG WiIng Berlin

Student Board Member

Patrik Spitzley
VWI e.V.