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Mo - Do: 9:00 - 15:00
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Science meets Economy
Stuttgart & Esslingen 2022

21st to 25th September 2022
in Stuttgart & Esslingen


The Science meets Economy 2022 in Stuttgart & Esslingen

Our main focus

Sustainability in the various branches of engineering management –
social, ecological and economic aspects

The relevance of sustainability has long since ceased to be limited to private consumers. As a result of the findings of the 21st century, it is no longer possible to imagine science, the media and the economy without sustainability. Companies worldwide are concerned with structures that are sustainable indefinitely and provide sufficient resources for the future.

We, the VWI Local Group Esslingen and Local Group Stuttgart HdM would like to organize a five-day event in September this year, to which we invite students of engineering management from all over Europe to visit us in Stuttgart and learn more about sustainability in industrial engineering. A special feature of this event is the illumination of different industries. Industrial engineering is very diverse and moves with the times. The number of different specializations is continuously increasing and with it the range of possibilities for every industrial engineer. Within the scope of the English-language seminar we would like to give the participants an insight into the challenges of companies from different industries with regard to sustainability as well as to clarify their strategies and measures in more detail.


60 students from
Germany & Europe
(30 VWI & 30 ESTIEM members)
21st to 25th September 2022
Participation Fee
approx. 50€
Information exchange and Networking


The program in an overview.

For companies

Your added value in an overview.

Take advantage of our active network

Gain access to a highly qualified and motivated network of students and graduates from all over Europe. Participants are characterized by their interest in volunteer activities such as board positions in local groups and their interest in cultural, as well as important topics such as sustainability. In addition, the opportunity arises to reach out to other committed people from our network.

Present your company

Present your company in an appealing context and arouse participants’ interest in working with you. Get a sustainable image gain among participants through qualitative content. Benefit from innovative ideas of students at workshops and seminars.

Contact your high potentials personally

You have the opportunity to make personal contact with prospective graduates. Reach out to students one-on-one at workshops or after your company presentation. Also, take the opportunity to share your contact at the event, as well as promote yourself on our website and social media channels.

Become a part of our network!

Collaboration partners

The collaboration partners will be announced shortly.


We support the project:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ben Marx
Dean of the Faculty for Economics and Technology
Hochschule Esslingen

Message of greeting Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ben Marx

Dear students,

even if we have almost forgotten it in the Corona times: A course of study consists of more than just lectures, labs and exams. It is important to look left and right of the way, to get to know new things and new people. The VWI makes an important contribution to this. For example, with the Science meets Economy event. Here you have the opportunity to deal with the interaction of topics from society economy, technology and sustainability, in cross-university teams, embedded in a European organization.

As a patron, I support this event and would like to ask you to consider this invitation from our VWI university group. This is an interesting opportunity not only for industrial engineers, as the VWI is open to all who have an interest in business and engineering, and also to those whose interest is more on the engineering side.

I would be happy to see you at “Science meets Economy”!

Best regards
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ben Marx

Isabel Fezer
Mayor for Youth and Education
State Capital Stuttgart

Message of greeting Isabel Fezer

I am very pleased to welcome you as members of the Association of Industrial Engineers here in Stuttgart this year.

The focus of this year’s event is the topic “Sustainability in the branches of industrial engineering”. Sustainable education is also an important topic for me as Mayor for Youth and Education of the state capital Stuttgart.

Thus, our goal is to ensure access to high-quality primary and secondary education, early childhood education, and technical, vocational and tertiary education. The focus is on reducing gender- and milieu-specific differences in education as well as providing equal access to education for all. In addition, the promotion of education for sustainable development (ESD) and inclusive education play an important role. These goals naturally also apply to access to higher education.

I wish you all a successful event and look forward to seeing you remember the city of Stuttgart with interesting impressions and instructive insights.

Yours, Isabel Fezer
Mayor for Youth and Education

Dipl. Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Mathias Maroske
Vize President
Verband Deutscher Wirtschaftsingenieure e.V.

Message of greeting Dipl. Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Mathias Maroske

Sience meets Economy (SmE) – this event of the Association of German Industrial Engineers combines like no other the claim of an industrial engineer to himself.

Under the motto “Sustainability in the various fields of industrial engineering”, exciting lectures, case studies, seminars, workshops and excursions await participants in southern Germany in 2022, after a two-year break.

Through the cooperation with the network of European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management (ESTIEM), international networking opportunities are offered beyond the purely technical exchange.

“Cooperation” should also be the keyword at this SmE. Under the “in-house” name “Stuttgart meets Esslingen”, an organizing team from two university groups has come together to present an excellent event to the participants for five days. At this point; Thank you very much for this!

I wish all participants a successful time, where the fun is not neglected. Stay in touch with the VWI!

Best regards

Matthias Maroske

The VWI Local Groups

This year’s SmE will be hosted by two local groups. The local group Esslingen and the local group Stuttgart Media, founded in October 2020 at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart.

The VWI Local Group Stuttgart HdM

As a young local group, it is a new task for Stuttgart and also the first nationwide project that the local group is setting up together with Esslingen. The course of studies at the HdM, industrial engineering media is, like so many courses of studies of industrial engineering, a broadly diversified and generalistic course of studies. But with the reference to the media industry and the three focal points that each student chooses from the main study period onwards, experts in web development, business development, process or product management, digital marketing, GUI design and many other areas are trained. In order to promote the link to companies and networking among the students, we have decided to put together a project team for SmE 2022 together with Esslingen.

The VWI Local Group Esslingen

The local group Esslingen, consisting of prospective industrial engineers and individual technical business administrators, also offers a number of events to “lighten up” the everyday university life for all students. The work has a great variety. The main focus of student activities are company excursions, company fairs, seminars, as well as sports and leisure events. Thereby networks can be extended by company contacts, experiences around project management, as well as project planning can be collected and a successful execution events can be celebrated. In addition, events are regularly held at the federal level with participants from neighboring European countries, with which international contacts can be established and maintained.

The German Association for Engineering Management (VWI Verband Deutscher Wirtschaftsingenieure e.V.) was founded in 1932, just five years after the course was introduced in 1927 at the Charlottenburg Technical University in Berlin. It promotes the study of engineering management and the further development of the course through numerous activities and measures.

As a nationwide professional association, the VWI also advocates the interests of its members and all industrial engineers at the political level. Among other things, the VWI takes a stand on political projects that affect the education and professional life of its current and future members. The professional work of the VWI e.V. is supported by the competence networks, in which industrial engineers from similar disciplines and industries come together to exchange ideas.

European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management (ESTIEM) is a student network founded in 1990. As the only Europe-wide organization in the field of industrial engineering, ESTIEM provides a platform to promote communication and cooperation between students and technical institutes within Europe. ESTIEM is primarily represented by its members in the form of local student-organized university groups at various locations. Since its foundation ESTIEM has developed strongly. Starting with 14 members (in the form of university groups), the network nowadays comprises 80 university groups in 31 different countries and thus has a reach of 60,000 industrial engineering students.

Contact to the Project Team

You are interested in the Science meets Economy 2022 in Stuttgart & Esslingen?
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

To do so, write a message to kontakt-SmE@vwi.org.

Project Team of the SmE 2022 Stuttgart & Esslingen

At this point, we would like to introduce you to the project team behind SmE 2022 in Stuttgart & Esslingen:

Project Lead, Cooperations

Michelle Becher
VWI LG Stuttgart HdM e.V.


Luca Großmann
VWI LG Esslingen e.V.

PR & Marketing

Johannes Merschroth
VWI LG Stuttgart HdM e.V.

Supporting Program

Lorenz Spieth
VWI LG Esslingen e.V.

Student Board Member

Tim Niefer
VWI e.V.

Website & IT

Robin Striebl
VWI Bundesteam